Seasonal message

The Season of Lent: A time of repentance

Pastor’s Message

“Repent, for the kingdom of God is near!”

That was the message of John the Baptist as he prepared the way for Jesus. That was alsothe message of Jesus while walked this earth. That was also the message that Jesus proclaimed when he began his preaching ministry. “Repent!”

Did you ever wonder what the word “repent” means?

One word the Bible uses for repentance has the picture of a U-turn. Turn around! God is calling to us because in our sin we are going the wrong direction. Not only that, but our sin set us on a one way path to hell.

Like a train chugging along toward a broken bridge over a deep canyon, those caught in sin are heading for a sure destruction. God calls us to turn away from our sins, but not only that, he calls us to turn toward him. You see, there are many who feel sorry for the bad things they’ve done. But being sorry for your sins doesn’t remove the sin or guilt. Even if you feel so guilty that you stop committing the sin, there is nothing you can do to erase the sins of the past. But God can, and did. He sent his Son Jesus to pay for the sins of the world – yours and mine included!

So when God calls us to repent, he’s not just telling us to feel bad about our sins. He’s also telling us to look to Jesus, his Son, to trust in him for forgiveness. Confessing our sins to God is always heart-wrenching, but we do it gladly and willingly because God promises grace and blessings to those who come to him.

The season of Lent is a time of repentance. During this time we gather to worship not just on Sundays, but also on Wednesdays. In our midweek services during Lent we travel with Jesus as he makes his way to the cross. We read the passion history. We ponder on the great suffering he endured…the beaten and flogged, bloodied and bruised, mocked and slandered, pierced and crucified, abandoned and betrayed. We marvel at the cost of our sins…a price greater than we could ever pay, yet Jesus paid it for you and for me, to set us free from sin and guilt.

How could we ignore that call? How could we resist the invitation. See how much he loves you! See how much he desired your salvation. Repent! Turn away from your sins. Turn to your Savior. Turn to the Lord. Turn to Jesus and trust in him for forgiveness. In him is life! In him is love! In him we find peace with God.

Please join us this Lenten season for our midweek services. We worship every Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

Can’t make it to church on a Wednesday night? Take time on your own to walk with Jesus as he makes his way to the cross. With your family, read through the Gospel of Mark, chapters 14-15. Take time to pray and bring your sins to Jesus, trusting in him for full and free forgiveness.