Summer time: It’s time to grow!

Pastor’s Message

“Nature’s first green is gold.”

And so begins the famous poem by Robert Frost.

I always think of that poem in Spring…this year, especially, after a long Winter, and a late snowstorm in the middle of April, it was so nice to see the grass turning green, the flowers in full bloom, the buds on the trees growing into leaves. How beautiful it is to see new life filling the world around us. Everything is growing and filling the world with nature’s first green! As Spring turns to summer, new growth surrounds us everywhere we look.

How is your growth these days? Are you growing as a Christian? The Bible makes it clear where our spiritual growth comes from. It comes from God. It comes from his Word. It comes from the Holy Spirit working through the word, filling our hearts with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and all that he has done for us, filling us with the awe and wonder of who God is and everything he teaches us in his word.

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During the summer our focus is on spiritual growth. In our worship we will be examining the gospel of Mark and considering the things that Jesus taught his disciples, so the we can apply those teachings also to our own hearts and lives and by the power of the Holy Spirit, grow in grace and truth.

Beginning Memorial Day weekend we are going to our summer worship schedule: 6:30 pm on Wednesdays, 9:00 am on Sundays. We invite and encourage you to make worship and spiritual growth a priority in your life every week. Come and join us!