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St. John - St. Peter Church in Cleveland WI

Sunday Worship Schedule:

Summer Schedule:

Wednesday: 6:30 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am

On September 8 we will resume our usual worship schedule:

Sunday School, Teen & Adult Bible Class: 8:45 AM

Worship: 10:00 AM

Monday Night Bible Study: 7:00 pm


Upcoming Events – Visitors Welcome!

Dairyland Festival Service in the Park: 

August 4th, 8:30 am.
at Dairyland Park in Cleveland



Vacation Bible School (VBS)

August 5-8, 6:00-8:30 pm
Supper served at 5:15 pm

Parents are invited to attend with their children.

Kids ages 3 through 6th grade

Register here: https://vbsmate.com/events/StJohnStPeterCleveland/18848





A few brief truths:

Eventually everyone will know there is a real hell. The problem is that many will not know it until they get there.

The saddest thing about hell is that God offers everyone a way to avoid it: repent and believe in Jesus; but many reject that way.

You won’t open your door to heaven by living a holier life; you need to repent of your sinful one.

We are thankful that God loves us in spite of our sins. We are blessed, for God has moved us to repentance and faith, not by our effort or decision, but by his mercy and grace through his powerful life-changing Word. We pray that others will be moved to join us in repentance and faith by that same Word, and in that faith be sure of eternal life at peace with God. Because we know we are saved and know what it cost God, we strive to fight sin in our lives and to promote attitudes and deeds of love in thanks for God’s amazing gift. We are still sinners and need to repent every day; but we have joy in knowing God’s eternal mercy and love. We are eager to share that joy with everyone.

For more information, please call St. John – St. Peter at 920-693-8612.
St. John – St. Peter Lutheran Church has been a part of the Cleveland
Community since 1860 and is currently served by Pastor Steven Wall.